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'''Lo-Pro''' is an American hard rock band formed in 2002 by Pete Murray (American musician)|Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey after the disbandment of their previous band, Ultraspank, in 2001. The band was signed to major record label Geffen Records and released their first album, ''Lo-Pro (album)|Lo-Pro'' in 2003. A year later, after touring in support of the album, they would be dropped from their label. It would be almost six years after their first release before the band would release any new albums, with the band opting to record and re-record several album's worth of material, participate in side-projects, and perform live shows prior to finalizing new music. This seemingly inactive period would result in the release of the band's ''Letting Go EP'' in late 2009, their second full album, ''The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge'', on June 8, 2010, and an acoustic album, ''Bittersweet (Life On Planet 9 album)|Bittersweet'',...
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